As a Broker/Agent with over 20+ years of Real Estate experience in 26 States and 22,000 transactions, I have acquired extensive knowledge in real estate acquisitions, marketing, financing, title, and closing. My extensive knowledge of Real Estate allows me to market your property very effectively while helping you to find your next home with ease for your family or business.


As a part of the number one real estate company in the World, my team will provide local market knowledge with national and international exposure to assist buyers in making informed decisions.  We have established a network of partners that will assist us in making your move from your current property to your new property seamless. My team, partners and I are focused on providing you with an excellent level of service.  


As you can see I did not name my residential property team “The Lisa Vargas Team”, because this process is not about me. It is about YOU. My team is called “The Home Sweet Home Team” because we are all about finding YOU the home that you can call “Home Sweet Home” for your family or business. I am eager and prepared to assist you with all of your Real Estate needs.


This is a list of some of the services that my team can provide: 

• Prepare a Free Market Analysis of your home or business
• Purchase or lease of a home or business
• Loan Prequalifying Services
• Purchase of New Construction Home or Land 
• Provide Free Staging Services
• Provide Moving and Relocation Assist Services
• Out of the State Real Estate Agent Referral
• Provide Utilities Concierge Services
• Referral on Property Management Services
• Advise on Loan Financing Services
• Keep you updated on Marketing and Financing Trends
• Provide Contractors/Vendor Recommendations: Carpenters, HVAC, inspectors, engineers, surveyors etc…